A Breath of Fresh Air

There’s two things Sandy Kaye loves: music, and a great story. In A Breath of Fresh Air, she brings both of those passions together, finding artists with great back stories and talking to them about how or why they make their awesome music.

“A Breath of Fresh Air is my passion project,” says Sandy. “I wake up with it and go to sleep at night with it. I research, produce and present relentlessly and spend a good deal of time tracking down the people who make the music. It makes me very happy to share their stories and their lives with you. I love to hear where they’ve come from, how they became successful, what lies behind the music and what they’re up to today. I really hope you do too.”

You can hear A Breath of Fresh Air on Outback Radio 2WEB every Friday night from 11pm, and you can find out more at abreathoffreshair.com.au.