Matt Lynch

Matt hails from Toowoomba and for the past five years has lived and studied in Brisbane where he completed a degree in audio engineering. Matt is also an entrepreneur, who despite his youth, has already notched up some impressive achievements.

He launched his own music magazine, “Too Fat To Skate” and has been running it since 2014. He was also involved in running an annual independent magazine and comic festival in Brisbane, the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium.

Matt has also¬†anchored his own show on community radio station 4ZZZ. For two years he hosted the weekly “Your Brother’s Keeper” program, to wide acclaim.

Matt is an avid reader and says he is keen to experience working in the Outback which he says will be a ‘life-changing experience”.

Like all good young Aussies, Matt is a self-confessed “cricket tragic” although he does admit he is a spectator only.

“I can’t play to save myself!” he says. “I am so excited about the opportunity to work in th Outback and I’m looking forward to settling into my new community.”